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1. Submitting your assignment is easy:

Submitting your assignment is easy, just click on “Order Section” and fill in your information to create your login profile for the system. After you have read the terms and conditions, you may submit your information and then immediately log into your account to begin requesting assignment assistance for required assignments. You can do this by selecting “Create New Order” and entering the information as it pertains to your particular assignment request. Upon completion, you will select “Place an order,” which will take you to the next step.

2. The price for every assignment is based upon four factors:

  • the academic level;

  • the complexity of the assignment;

  • the time needed to complete the assignment;

  • the deadline.

As soon as you make an inquiry on our website, you need to supply your expert with your specific instructions, these instructions must include the information regarding the subject of the assignment, and the details concerning the difficulties you experience. In addition, you must notify your expert about your academic level, and deadline so that your assistance will be tailor designed to your specific educational needs.. Our qualified support team will verify your information and acknowledge that the instructions were successfully saved for your assistance, and then assist you in processing the payment through the link in your control panel. We start working on assignment as soon as we receive the payment.

3. Our dedicated support team will match your needs with an expert:

  • immediate search for an expert meeting your request;

  • price determined upon selection of an expert;

  • payment process completed upon agreement of price;

  • completed project sent by your deadline to your email.

The process of locating the expert for your particular needs requires 24 hours time; however, if you have any questions during the process you can always contact us to verify the information or to check on the status. Prices for your assignment are determined after confirming that our experts are able to complete your assignment within the deadline. Review the price and proceed to the secure payment section to process your payment. Once your assignment is complete, it is submitted to you by email for you to review and acceptance.

4. Contacting Assignment Expert:

  • we are available via live chat and email at;

  • there is no such thing as a “wrong” question;

  • write notes in your order, or update information;

  • submit the assignment through the upload function in Contact Us page or Direct mail support..

When you have questions, we are here to assist you. Through the use of our contact methods, we are available to assist you in every possible way. We are here no matter what your question is, you just need to know what the answer meant in the assignment; response to email or use our live chat and we will assist you. There are never wrong questions here at Academiclub. If you are concerned that your assignment does not have the right information, feel free to add more notes to assist your expert in completing the project. Remember, we are here to help you to get the desired result within stipulated time. When you need our assignment you can count on us to provide you with dedicate service from experts in your fields.
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