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Annamalai University 1st Year Jan 2015 MBA (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT) FIRST YEAR 2014-2015
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Availablility only special request.

Each Subject carry 2 solved questions.

Courier charges will be extra for hand written material. 



1. ‘Management is the force which leads, guides and directs an organization in the accomplishment of pre-determined objectives’. Do you agree or disagree? Justify.

2. Management is regarded as an art by someone, science by others but in reality science should have many more. The truth seems to be somewhere in between. In the light of this statement, explain to exact nature of management.

3. ‘The job of the supervisor is many more difficult than that of higher level managers’. Examine the major responsibilities of a supervisor in an agro based Industry.

4. “A good leader is not necessarily a good manager”. Take one example from service industry as per your choice and compare the role of leaders and managers



1. Describe “The evolution of retail in India' in your words, highlighting the latest trends in Indian retail. Critically examine the future of Indian retailing if global players are allowed to enter India.

2. Many marketers have tried and failed with "Green marketing" programs. Identify and describe the main problems with such campaigns. Recommend suitable remedies to overcome the problems.

3. Identify tope three advertising agencies in India, and describe the main reasons for their success. List out recent successful campaigns of these agencies.

4. In today’s india the growth of online marketing is going with upward trend. Discuss the pros. & cons. Which segment of consumers and what kind of products dominates online marketing.



1. Select an organistion of your choice and discuss the cash Management system in that organization. Give your Views or suggestions on the prevailing system of cash management in that organization and any suitable changes to be brought about, to improve the present system.

2. Discuss the critical decisions that you need to take in working capital management. Emphasize the important ways in which these decisions differ from those concerned with the management of the fixed capital of a business.

3. “High dividend payout ratio goes in hand with high price earnings ratio and low dividend payout ratio goes hand in hand with low price earnings ratio.” Comment your views on this statement elaborately.

4. Identify the macro factors which are prevailing in the global economy, leading to mergers and acquisitions.



1. Give a specimen of GANTT CHART which is normally used in the production planning and control department and describe briefly how it could be used for checking the actual progress of a job against the schedule.

2. Discuss the functions of purchasing department in an Industry. Explain some methods of purchasing commonly adopted in an Industrial Purchasing. Why should the purchasing documents be legally sound?

3. In estimating the standard time of a job what different elements are considered? Elucidate.

4. JIT helps the manufacturing system to improve productivity. Discuss whether this concept is applicable in Pharma Industry.



1. “HR Managers should have a seat at the Strategic-Management table, but only when they earn it”. Discuss.

2. Suppose a key employee has just resigned and you are the department manager. After you have sent your request for replacement, how could you help the recruiter to find the best replacement?

3. Suppose you are going to design a training programme for newly hired first-line sales managers results from the needs assessment indicate that they will need training on company policies and procedures, handling customer complaints, and motivating sales personnel. What learning principles will you build into the programme? What training methods would you choose? Explain your choices.

4. A growing number of employees are reluctant to accept overseas assignments. Why do they refuse? What benefits and services would you offer to them to accept such transfer.



1. A random sample of 1000 workers from south India shows that their mean wage is Rs. 47 per week with a standard deviation of Rs. 28. A random sample of 1500 workers from North India gives a mean wage of Rs. 49 per week with a standard deviation of Rs. 40. Is there any significant difference between their mean levels of wages?

2. A tea company appoints four salesmen A, B, C, D and observes their sales in three seasons – summer, winter and monsoon. The figures ( in lakhs ) are given in the following table:

seasons Salesmen Season’s



summer 36 36 21 35 128

winter 28 29 31 32 120

monsoon 26 28 29 29 112

Salesmen’s Total 90 93 81 96 360

Test whether there is any significant difference in the salesman and in the seasons, so far as sales are concerned.

3. Fit a straight line trend by the method of least squares to the following data

concerning the sales of a certain firm.

 Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


Rs(‘000) 48 55 63 65 72 84 90 87 82

Make an estimate of sales for the year 2015.

4. A sample of 400 students of undergraduate and 400 students of postgraduate classes is taken to know their opinion about autonomous colleges. 290 of the undergraduate and 310 of postgraduate students favoured the autonomous status. Present these facts in the form of a table and test at 5% level, that the opinion regarding autonomous status of colleges is independent of level of classes of students.



1. Assume that you are working as a Regional Sales Manager in a pharmaceutical company. In your current position, you need to communicate to Doctors, Pharmacy Owners and your sub-ordinates. List out the barriers in communicating with these people and also suggest ways to overcome these barriers.

2. You are the General Manager of a Telecom company. Draw a communication flow chart in your organization and also discuss the problems in implementing it.

3. As a Chief Executive Officer of a Agro based company, prepare a draft for your speech in the forthcoming Annual General Body meeting highlighting your company’s achievements, growth and future plan etc.

4. As a Regional Sales Head of a FMCG company, submit a report for the previous year’s performance and projection for the next year. Use charts in your report.



1. As an IT manager of a medium sized organization, design an information system for that organization and explain how this system transforms organization and management to address the end–user needs.

2. “Honesty and Loyalty are so critical in today’s competitive environment of ecommerce” – Validate the above statement assuming you are a manager in charge of e-commerce in a large scale organization.

3. You are appointed as a system analyst in a medium sized sugar mill, conceive and design an HR information system for that company.


4. It is widely perceived that government plays a key role in developing ecommerce. As an e-commerce strategist of an organization substantiate the above statement and contribute your ideas and suggestions for furthering ecommerce development.
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