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Annamalai University 2nd Year Jan 2015 MBA (E-BUSINESS) SECOND YEAR 2014-2015
Product Name : MBA (E-BUSINESS) SECOND YEAR 2014-2015
Product Code : AU15
Category : Annamalai University
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Description :

Availablility only special request.

Each Subject carry 2 solved questions.

Courier charges will be extra for hand written material. 



1. Select an organistion of your choice and discuss the cash Management system in that organization. Give your Views or suggestions on the prevailing system of cash management in that organization and any suitable changes to be brought about, to improve the present system.

2. Discuss the critical decisions that you need to take in working capital management. Emphasize the important ways in which these decisions differ from those concerned with the management of the fixed capital of a business.

3. “High dividend payout ratio goes in hand with high price earnings ratio and low dividend payout ratio goes hand in hand with low price earnings ratio.” Comment your views on this statement elobrately.

4. Identify the macro factors which are prevailing in the global economy, leading to mergers and acquisitions.



1. Critically examine the globe – hex strategies for the Indian government.

2. Comment on this statement. “Often neither the least expensive strategy nor the most expensive may be the most productive strategy”.

3. Comment on this statement from a retailing perspective “Today’s works are slowly altering their work”. Place environment by their behaviour.

4. Will the time come when most consumer purchases are made with self-scanner? Explain yours answer.



1. What are virtual shopping marts? Explain with examples various portals which are very popular for online business especially in India

2. Name a few B2B and B2C portals in Indian E-Business scenario and explain their features with examples.

3. Discuss in Brief some important recent development in the online banking establishments in India.

4. What are the critical success factors for building successful e-business relationships with customers?



1. Write a class vehicle. Define suitable attributes and methods. Write subclasses of Vehicle like Car, Bicycle, Scooter. Assume suitable required attributes. Write constructor for each and define a method max Speed in each class which prints the maximum speed of the vehicle. (use of super keyword is expected in the constructor of inherited classes)

2. Write a program that demonstrates the use of multithreading with the use of three counters with three threads defined for each. Three threads should represent the counters as follows :

a. One counter starts from 5 and increments with the step of 5.

b. Second counter starts from 10 and increments with the step of 10.

c. Third counter starts with 100 and increments with the step of 100.

d. Assign proper priority to the threads and then run the threads.

3. A. Describe the significant features of exception handling.

   B. Define an exception called “No Match Exception” that is thrown when a string is not equal to “Symbiosis”. Write a Java program that uses this exception.

4. Design and implement an windows application that calculate the monthly pay bill calculation using appropriate attribute of employee which displays pay bill report for each. ( use awt component and events, backend : oracle).



1. Create a web application for a travels to provide online help in the searching for tourist places across the country, and other details like cost, and how to reach these places. The web application should be design using Servlet, JSP, JDBC and XML.

2. Create a student enquiry system using EJB through which a student could enquire about the Program / Courses on offer by Distance Education in Annamalai University.

3. Design a website for a retail shop, which takes an order online and makes home delivery. It should include the following:

a. Home page containing pull down menu box for the links using VBScript.

b. The home page should have image of the shop on the top. Give a zigzag motion to this image.

c. Login form located at the home page accepting the name of the customer and its address, credit card and name of the product(s), a customer wants to purchase.

d. After the form has been accepted, the website will issue order number for knowing the status.

e. Show all details of Products, its manufacturing company, its original price and discount available.

f. Search facility for a particular product.

g. Schedule for new arrival of products.

h. Dispatch status after the customer logins with the name, address and order number.

4. Write an XML DTD to represent the Grade Card of a student which contains:

a. Name- Last, Middle, and First

b. Subjects- Five subjects

c. Assignments marks

d. Total Marks

e. Result- Pass/Fail

f. Implement the award list of MBA-E Busienss final year students as an XML document. The table must have student name, enrolment number, three subjects and its score.



1. A Leading software company wants to implement ERP Software. Select a software of your interest and give the steps of implementing that ERP software in the company.

2. Enlist the general problems faced during implementation of ERP and the solution for it.

3. Draw a business model for an organization with which you are familiar. Identify major processes and entities and show them in figure.

4. Rank the various ERP packages in the order of their market share. Give your reason whether ERP domain is shrinking or expanding.
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