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Annamalai University 2nd Year Jan 2015 MBA (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS) SECOND YEAR 2014-2015
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Availablility only special request.

Each Subject carry 2 solved questions.

Courier charges will be extra for hand written material. 



1. Assume that you are working for a medium-sized, high tech firm that faces intense competition on a daily basis. Change seems to be the only constant in your work place, and each worker’s responsibilities shift from project to project. Suppose you have the major responsibilities for filling the job openings in your company. How would you go about recruiting and selecting best people? How would you identify the best people to work in this environment?

2. Some people believe that most employees will act ethically even though they have a chance to take advantages of an incentive system through inappropriate behavior. Do you agree? Explain

3. Do you believe that managers should be given more autonomy to make personnel decisions such as hiring, appraising and compensating subordinates? If so, what are the potential drawbacks to granting them this authority? Explain.

4. Do you agree that an employment approach to improving safety can yield positive results? Do you think the trade off may be worth it? Why or why not? Discuss



1. “Competitive strength of a product in international marketing depends upon several factors” Explain the statement by taking up a particular product.

2. “In domestic marketing both variable cost and fixed cost policies are followed, but there is probably not so much use of variable cost pricing as there is in international marketing” Comment on this statement with the aid of some examples

3. The vice president of a export house has asked you to prepare a market profile of leather–footwears in Saudi Arabia. What factors would you consider in preparing the profile? What sources of information will you look for in preparing the above profile?

4. “A world in which exchange rates fluctuate constantly is a threat to international marketing” – Discuss.



1. In an Integrated world financial market, a financial crisis in a country can be quickly transmitted to other countries, causing a global crisis. What kind of measures would you propose to prevent the recurrence of an Asia type crisis?

2. How are foreign exchange transactions between international banks settled? Why does most interbank currency trading worldwide involved in US dollar?

3. Researchers found that it is very difficult to forecast future exchange rates more accurately than the forward exchange rates or the current spot exchange rate. How do you interpret this finding?

4. As an investor, what factors would you consider before investing in the emerging stock market of a developing country?



1. Mr. Aravind has recently opened a logistical service agency. When he enters in to the business, many agencies face different legal problems related to logistical operations. Mr. Aravind does not know how to run the business without any legal problem. As a logistical legal consultant, advise Mr. Aravind about various transport regulations to overcome legal problems.

2. Customer-based inventory management strategies allow the use of different service levels (availability) by the customer. Discuss the rationale for such an approach. Are such strategies discriminatory? Justify your position.

3. Assume that you are a warehouse designer. Mr. Adithya has decided to construct a warehouse in the central part of the state. Counsel Mr. Adithya in designing the warehouse with different sizes and shapes and explain its relationship with material-handling system. Suggest the reason for constructing square design warehouse and rectangular design warehouse.

4. “Operational objectives of logistics are the primary determinants of logistical performance” – Discuss the statement. Select any two operational objectives, and provide examples of how a firm would satisfy those objectives if logistics was positioned as a core competency.



1. Several CEOs of larger corporations in recent times are forced to resign when they are unable to deliver superior performance. Discuss this in the light of nuances of strategy execution.

2. Choose an industry or sector which you are familiar and describe the ways in which new technologies or products diffused into the market. Who have been winners and losers? Why?

3. Six Sigma is just another name for TQM then why applied heavy investment with no clear line of sight to return on Investment. – Discuss

4. What was the situation of the term competitive advantage in India prior to 1991? And also explain how competitive advantage can be leverage with?



1. "Documentary credit method of payment reconciles the conflicting interests of buyer and seller"- Discuss and also explain the mechanism of realign payment under documentary credit arrangement.

2. Account for the growing significance of services, both in developed and developing countries. What are the major service areas from the viewpoint of international trade? Suggest measures to boost exports of services from the developing countries.

3. Describe the major changes that have taken place in the composition and direction of India's foreign trade after the country adopted the policy of economic reforms. Also discuss the general provisions regarding import

4. Evaluate critically the industrial policy of India since 1956. Do you think that the industrial policy since 1991 has a favorable impact on the economy? Explain.
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