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Annamalai University 2nd Year Jan 2015 MBA (MARKETING MANAGEMENT) SECOND YEAR 2014-205
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Description :

Availablility only special request.

Each Subject carry 2 solved questions.

Courier charges will be extra for hand written material. 



1. What is new product planning? If you are a product manager, how you make the test marketing to make success of a product?

2. Explain about branding, take one mobile phone service in India and explain how they implement brand loyalty and brand equity with suitable examples.

3. Enumerate the service marketing are different from Hotel and financial Services industry with suitable examples of five at least.

4. How the tourism can be improved by Govt. of India and it could be compared by you with two leading tourism countries.



1. Name three products that are culturally unacceptable. What marketing strategies would use to overcome their cultural resistance?

2. Illustrate with suitable example about various sampling techniques used in marketing research. Suggest a suitable sampling plan to collect information from the students of a university regarding the recreation facility available.

3. Develop a research plan to measure the sales promotion effectiveness for a newly launched air conditioner from an American company.

4. You are asked to study the habits of people with regard to wearing of readymade garments. Design a questionnaire to accomplish this objective.



1. Consumer on various stages relies on certain commodity to show their self esteem and it becomes a need to some extent – Explain in detail.

2. From the phallic stage to Adult human beings attach themselves with certain products, what are all the things that motivate them to buy those products – Explain in detail.

3. When you decide to buy a car you have to cross the hectic stage of making right decisions, thereby you start getting idea right from your kith & kin and searching of various websites – Elucidate in detail the above context.

4. Research shows that companies lose roughly 15% of their customers every year, overwhelming competition, array of products all make things tough – what a company should do to overcome such a situation.



1. What, in your view, is the future of a company such as Renault? Will it be able to continue as an independent company? Why? Why not?

2. What, in your view, are the key principles of global marketing? List your principles (no more than six) and explain their importance to marketing success.

3. Identify five global brands. What are the reasons for the global success of the brands you chose? Will you recommend the points to Indian brands? Justify your answer.

4. Discuss with examples from the soft drinks industry, the marketing implications of cultural influences on consumer behavior.



1. If you were the vice president of sales or the national sales manager for a telecommunication company, what criteria would you use to evaluate the performance of subordinate sales managers?

2. How is technology affecting sales training? As a sales manager of online trading firm what benefit you can realize by suing e-learning methods.

3. Outline the global issues associated with physical distribution and transportation logistics. Cite an example of Soft Drinks Company in Indian market possessing different climatic conditions, is making efficiency improvements in its physical distribution. Explain

4. What factors does a cosmetics company need to consider when designing its marketing channel for a new low priced line of cosmetics?



1. Critically examine the globe – hex strategies for the Indian government.

2. Comment on this statement. “Often neither the least expensive strategy nor the most expensive may be the most productive strategy”.

3. Comment on this statement from a retailing perspective “Today’s works are slowly altering their work”. Place environment by their behaviour.

4. Will the time come when most consumer purchases are made with self-scanner? Explain yours answer.
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