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UPES Assignment 2014 Petro Economics-Assnmt-1-2014J
Product Name : Petro Economics-Assnmt-1-2014J
Product Code : AC1
Category : UPES
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Description :

Section A

Write short notes on any four of the following:

1.      Exploration and development in Ninth Plan

2.      Evolution of marketing of petroleum products

3.      Trends in crude oil pricing

4.      Sectoral Use of Petroleum Products

5.      Franchising Models in the Petroleum Industry


Section B (30 marks)

(Attempt any three)

  1. Discuss the recent development in refining and marketing activities of petroleum products in India.
  2. Explain the features and utility of New Exploration and Licensing Policy for the petroleum market..
  3. Discuss the growth and its impact of refining facilities in India.
  4. Explain the concept of petroleum products marketing.


Section C (50 marks)

(Attempt all questions. Every question carries 10 marks)

Read the case “Petroleum Industry” and answer the following questions:

Petroleum Industry

Executive Summary

The petroleum industry's retail outlet, a gas station, fueling station, filling station, service station, petrol station, petrol pump or petrol bunk, is a facility which sells fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles. Now the need for a way to better integrate all the retail processes such as sales, accounting, customer service, purchasing, inventory, and more plays an important role petroleum company's performance. The want to support sales in multiple channels that share the same information and eliminate duplicate data entry is inevitable.


Reliance Petroleum outlets evaluated and tried POS terminals provided by a US based company. Needless to say, soon the retail outlets in remote places in India constantly faced issues that were related either to the hardware or the software of those terminals, which were almost never addressed after the sales cycle by the US POS systems provider.

Doing business in the retail market in a developing nation, especially in a country like India, takes expertise in knowing the known-unknown factors affecting almost every aspect of the business.

Reliance Petroleum was looking for a vendor located in India who could provide them with the best of Hand-Held Terminals meeting international technology standards, and of course, diligent post-sale hardware and software services.


The solution was simple; switching to VISIONTEK POS terminals. This point-of-sale terminal offered unlimited number of POS attached to the central console with bank interface. Scanning and programmable keys in the POS devices helped speed up the process and simplify cashier tasks.

The central console displayed all pumps status and their activities which helped in tank monitoring and reading with swift changes. End of the day, the terminals together helped in daily counter reporting and balancing, producing integrated sales reports, reconciliation of credit card totals, pump totals and cash register totals on one single report.

All reports are seamlessly sent to the central database at the head office. These POS terminals are ready for scheduled price changes.

Business Benefits

Reliance Petroleum maintains total control and real-time business performance visibility, while they work in a shared environment that boosts productivity. Information is entered once and it flows to all their processes.

The POS integrated multi-functional and integrated business processes to take care of their diverse needs of maintaining records for fuel dispensing, servicing of vehicles, in-house FMCG selling, accounting, invoicing and inventory being done in one single software freeing them to use multiple software for their daily needs ensured smooth work flow and increase in efficiency.


  1. Discuss the problem faced by Reliance Petroleum with POS terminals.
  2. Explain the needs of Reliance Petroleum that made them lookout for a venture in India.
  3. Explain the working of  VISIONTEK POS terminals.
  4. What is the working environment in Reliance Petroleum after using the VISIONTEK POS terminals.
  5. How were VISIONTEK POS terminals helpful for Reliance Petroleum?
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