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UPES Assignment 2014 Human Resource Management-Ass-1-2014J
Product Name : Human Resource Management-Ass-1-2014J
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Category : UPES
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Description :

Section A (20 Marks)

Write short notes on any four of the following:

1.      Human Resource Development

2.      Job Analysis

3.      Nominal Group Method

4.      Sources of Recruitment

5.      Objectives of  orientation programme



Section B (30 marks)

(Attempt any three)


1.      Explain the role and significance of HRD. Do you think, in the present context in India, we really need HRD professionals in our organizations?

2.      What are the operative functions of a line managers?

3.      Define manpower planning. What are the activities involved in manpower planning?

4.      What is career development? Why is it important for an organization? Does it differ from career planning?


Section C (50 marks)

(Attempt all questions. Every question carries 10 marks)


Read the case “Goodearth Financial Services” and answer the following questions:


Case Study: Goodearth Financial Services


Goodearth Financial Services Limited has grown considerably during the last 5 years. Mr Jashpal Bhatti started the company with two employees and business for ` 6,00,000/- in gross sales. The company now employs 200 people and is expected to have business for ` 6,00,00,000/- this year. During the early years, it was always clear what was expected from each employee. Everyone knew how to do everything and was often called upon to do exactly that. This is no longer true and it is apparent to Mr Jashpal Bhatti that each employee must be given a clear set of general guidelines as to what duties the employee must perform.

A number of new players are now in financial services who are the arch competitors for Mr Bhatti's company. The service-mix for Goodearth also has significantly changed to keep pace with the changing customers' expectation. The company, therefore, had to change its operation strategy.

In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire employees without having a clear understanding of exactly what the individual will be doing. Applicants seem reluctant to join the firm without some information about their probable job profile and it is difficult to know exactly what skills, the prospective applicants should have without knowing in some detail what they will be doing.

Mr Jashpal Bhatti decided to write job descriptions and job specifications for his employees. It is his belief that such documents will clear any misunderstandings among employees regarding responsibilities, help to organize better the work that must be done, inform prospective employees about their probable job duties, orient new employees and help to make better selection decisions.

You have been retained by Mr Bhatti to determine whose responsibility it will be to gather the data and write the descriptions and specifications, how the data will be gathered (observation, questionnaire or interview) and how detailed descriptions and specifications should be.

Mr Bhatti is currently considering these job analysis issues but has a number of questions about how each will affect the final results.



  1. What recommendations would you make to him regarding the most appropriate individuals and methods to be used for data collection?
  2. What approach to the design of jobs should be considered by you   and why?
  3. Keeping in mind the recent trends in financial services companies, design the job of different hierarchical levels for at least four operational areas with supporting background information, like; job analysis, job description etc.
  4. Do you think that Mr Bhatti’s decision of fixing responsibilities and job duties was good and it affects the final results of the company. Give your opinion to support this statement.

If you were at the place of Mr Bhatti. What strategy you make for your prospective employees?
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