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ISBM Assignments Operation Management-ISBM-2
Product Name : Operation Management-ISBM-2
Product Code : AC2
Category : ISBM
Soft Copy Type B  : Rs. 1000   img
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Description :

Q1): Explain the concept Six Sigma. Bring out the significance of Six Sigma in Quality Management?


Q2): Define Project Management and explain its nature and features?

Q3): What is Process Analysis? Explain the steps in Manufacturing Process Selection and Design? (10Marks)

Q4): Enumerate and explain the Theory of Constraints?

Q5): Write short notes (any two):

a): Inventory Control

b): Operations Scheduling

c): Aggregate Sales and Operations Planning


Q6): Explain the following concept (any two):

1): Product Design

2): Strategic Capacity Management

3): Lean Productions


Q7): Define Material Requirements Planning. Discuss its various components?

Q8): What is Supply Chain Strategy? Discuss its characteristics?
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