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DIMS Assignments Organizational Behavior
Product Name : Organizational Behavior
Product Code : AC1
Category : DIMS
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Q1. (a) What types of power does the UAW hold over GM? How has this power influenced its ability so negotiate with GM?

Q1. (b) Would you consider P&G to be a "learning organization"? What aspects of P&G lead you to your answer?

Q2. (a) Teams should read each scenario and identify the five members whose power will increase most in light of the external environmental condition described.

Q2. (b) Wingman's attempts to maintain its core cultural values by hiring individuals who are passionate about the food industry and by staffing new stores partly with existing employees. What are some advantages and disadvantages of trying to impose a similar culture throughout different areas of a company?

Q3. (a) Considering what you know about individual differences such as personality, what types of employees might respond more and less favourably to gore's lack of hierarchy?

Q3. (b) What hypotheses might explain the connection between how individuals react to the authority of others and how they are as authority figures?

Q4. (A) Demonstrate how organizational structures differ, and contrast mechanistic and organic structural models.

Q4. (b) What are the differences among the traditional, human relations, and interactionist views of conflict?

Q5. (a) In explaining why she was offended, Cohen argued, "people my age are taught to express themselves, and saying something negative about someone's fashion is saying something negative about them. "Do you agree with Cohen?

Q5. (b) Do you believe that team-building activities increase productivity? Why or why not? What other factors might be responsible for increases in profitability following a corporate retreat?

Q6. (a) What are some processes losses that are likely to occur in teams such as those at IGU Medical Inc? How can these processes losses be avoided?

Q6. (b) How might group characteristics such as size and cohesiveness affect groupthink?
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