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DIMS Assignments Business Market Management
Product Name : Business Market Management
Product Code : AC1
Category : DIMS
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Q1. (a) Why business market managers must be adopt at analyzing understanding. Building & playing an active part in work teams working relationships & Business network?


Q1. (b) How do firms make new offering realization more market oriented?


Q2. (a) How can one ensure that value is delivered?


Q2. (b) How can one strengthen reseller reformation?


Q3. (a) What do you mean by A General Realization process model?


Q3. (b) Explain the resource-based view of the firm creating market strategy?


Q4. (a) Define market segmentation & explain the progressive and conventional bases of Segmentation.


Q4. (b) Is it essential that business market managers recognize which prospective Customer firm is having a buying orientation?


Q5. (a) How can business market managers sustain customer through connected Relationship?


Q5. (b) Explain the way of fulfilling supplier commitments to deliver value.


Q6. (a) Explain how manager use CRM to evaluate customer relationship?


Q6. (b) What is value in business markets?


Q6. (c):  State the importance of gaining customer feedback.
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