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DIMS Assignments Business Ethics
Product Name : Business Ethics
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Q1. (a). "Ethics has no place in business." Discuss this statement.

Q1. (b) "An ethic of caring conflicts with morality because morality requires impartiality." Discuss this criticism of an ethic of caring.


Q2. (a) "From an ethical point of view, big business is always bad business." Discuss the pros and cons of this statement.

Q2. (b) "Equality, justices and a respect for rights are characteristics of the American economic System. Would you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?


Q3. (a)Do you agree with the claims that (i) future generations have no rights, and (ii) the future generations to which we have obligations actually include only the generation that will immediately succeed us? Explain your answer. If you do not agree with these claims, state your own views and provide arguments to support them.

Q3. (b) Discuss the arguments for and against the 3 main theories of a producer's duties to the customer. In your judgment, which theory is most adequate? Are there any marketing areas where one theory is more appropriate than the others?


Q4. (a) In your judgment was the historical shift in emphasis from intentional/isolated discrimination to non-intentional/ institutionalized discrimination good or bad? Justify your statement.

Q4. (b) Kohlderg's views on moral development show that the more morally mature a personal becomes, the more likely it is that the person will obey the moral morms of his or her socieity." Discuss.


Q5. (a) In view of contractual agreement that every employee makes to be loyal to the Employer. Do you think that the Whistle blowing is ever morally justified? Explain your answer.

Q5. (b) In your judgment, is it wrong, from an ethical point of view, for the auto companies to submit plans for an automobile to China? Explain your answer.


Q6. (a) "Utilitarianism is the view that so long as an action provides with more measurable economic benefits than costs, the action is morally right." Identify all of the mistakes contained in this definition of utilitarianism.

Q6. (b) "Any pollution law is unjust because it necessarily violates people's right to liberty and right to property." Discuss.

Q6. (c) Evaluate the desirability of the "caring organization."
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