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DIMS Assignments Business Communication
Product Name : Business Communication
Product Code : AC1
Category : DIMS
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Description :

Q1. (a) How is communication classified? State the advantages and disadvantages of formal communication.

Q1. (b) Discuss the levels of listening and state the factors that can make listening ineffective.

Q2. (a) Discuss the principles of an effective presentation.

Q2. (b) How is a meeting planned? Discuss the factors to be kept in mind while planning a meeting.

Q3. (a) How can the purpose of business writing be classified? What are the characteristics of effective writing?

Q3. (b) Explain the preparation of an effective CV. Why is it important to send a cover letter with CV?

Q4. (a) Different between office circulars, office orders and office notes. State the standard parts of business letter.

Q4. (b) Discuss the steps involved in writing a case analysis.

Q6. (a) - 1: Discuss the ler.els where the communication systems failed resulting in the tragedy.

Q6. (a) - 2: Prepare a bullet presentation of the incident.

Q6. (b) - 1: Who was at fault the dentist for not putting his diagnosis in writhing or the patient for not fully understanding the services?

Q6. (b) - 2: How could some of these misunderstandings have been avoided?

Q6. (b) - 3: What services should have been communicated orally and what ones in writing?
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