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DIMS Assignments Advertising Management
Product Name : Advertising Management
Product Code : AC1
Category : DIMS
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Q1 (a): How can radio be used effectively in advertising a small business?

Q1 (b): What reasons were given to explain the growth of IMC plans and their Importance?

Q2 (a): What is the difference between a brand name and a corporation's overall image?

Q2 (b): How is the hedonic, experiential model different from the elaboration likelihood model?

Q3 (a): What kind of individual factors affect members of business buying centers?

Q3 (b): What problems are associated with segmented markets by geographic areas?

Q4 (a) What evaluation criteria should be used in selecting an advertising agency?

Q4 (b): What should international advertisers consider when thinking about using sexual appeals?

Q5 (a): What does a brand massage strategy emphasize? Describe the four forms of brand Strategies.

Q5 (b): What is the difference between CPM and CPRP? What costs do they measure?

Q6 (a): How can manufactures most successfully employ price-off discounts? How can retailers most successfully use price-off discount?

Q6 (b): Which age group is most likely to use the Internet? Which is the least? Does this have implications for IMC programs?

Q6 (c) What are the major challenges to new business? What is the different between a product benefit and a product feature?
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