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IGNOU Jan 2013 Management of Machines and Materials-Jan 13
Product Name : Management of Machines and Materials-Jan 13
Product Code : AC-05
Category : IGNOU
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Description :
Note : Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2013 to the coordinator of your study center.
1) Discuss the role of Scientific methods in Operations Management.
2) Explain the product selection and stages involved therein.
3) Define Job Design. How has management viewed job design since the industrial revolution?
4) Discuss the variation in the approach of planning and controlling of mass, batch and job shop production.
5) Discuss the various methods for stores accounting and verification systems.
6) Write Short notes on:
a) Work Sampling
b) Acceptance Sampling
c) Value Engineering & Analysis
d) Waste Management.
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